Milk Run: Aftermath - Milk Run: Search and Rescue

Milk Run or How It All Began Part 1
  • Entered Farthington to resupply Juggernaut HX “Gholem”
  • Shadowed by Marcus and offers a job
  • Head to Millie’s Roadhouse
  • Meet Jeffrey Brandenberg
  • Have dinner on Jeffery’s dime (and purchase a few other things as well)
  • Told about the job and what it entails
  • Job is to head to Principal Security and retrieve a briefcase belonging to Jeffery
  • Negotiate for 21000 of Trust (thanks to Ryan Rivers) and received 7000 Trust as down payment
  • Met up with Marcus, Stan Visnesski and Jeffery at Shuttleport’s third bay
  • Board Jeffery’s Kestrel
  • Jeffery lands the Kestrel several kilometers outside Madik
  • Group piles in Stan’s Prowler and head in the direction of Madik
  • Prowler is broadsided by a charging Bull Charger sending everyone reeling
  • Group gets out of Prowler and fight the Bull Charger
  • After several rounds of combat and several bloodied group members, Mench Franicure kills the Bull Charger
  • Everyone piles back into the Prowler and continue to Madik
  • Come to the city, Stan kills the lights as they approach the entrance gate to Madik
  • No one is seen around, the entire city is like a ghost town
  • Marcus orders Stan to the Principal Security Building
  • Stan stops the vehicle and orders everyone out and he states he’ll keep it running
  • Marcus takes the lead and head into the building
  • There’s no power, so the elevators can’t be used, and the group treks downstairs to the vault
  • At the vault, Marcus uses two eyeballs to open the door
  • “Negative Transponder Detection! Open Fire!” followed by chik-CLACK as two automated sentry guns fire down on the group
  • The sentry guns are out of ammunition and harmlessly follow the group’s every move
  • The group notices a dead guard with CDEM 32US Pistol, 1 mag of 9mm Std ammo, magnetic swipe card
  • Two hundred storage lockers sit before the group
  • Marcus takes the dead guard’s swipe card and the one Jeffery gave him and swipe locker #142
  • Marcus removes a briefcase from the locker with a handcuff on it and attaches it to his wrist
  • Marcus turns to leave when the group decides that they want to do some looting, Marcus outnumbered and gunned allows a few minutes of looting before they leave
  • The group opens 16 lockers in the vault
    Locker 1: 10K
    Locker 2: Deeds/Titles for property
    Locker 3: Deeds/Titles for property
    Locker 4: Artwork from various well known artists
    Locker 5: Full of personal documents
    Locker 6: 1 suit of light armor, 1 suit of heavy armor and 2 pistols
    Locker 7: 4 diamonds, 2 emeralds, 1 sapphire
    Locker 8: 4 pounds of C4
    Locker 9: Credits of owed Trust
    Locker 10: A cache of small melee weapons
    Locker 11: A cache of small melee weapons
    Locker 12 to 16: Encrypted electronic data
  • After looting, the group races upstairs after Marcus
  • Come up the stairs to Stan driving through the front door, yelling “GET IN”
  • Before anyone can get to the Prowler, they are attacked by a group of 8 Degenerates

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