Juggernaut LX


Juggernaut Light Explorer

The Juggernaut LX (Light Explorer) is a well armored robust and versatile vehicle. It uses independent suspensions and portal geared hubs similar to portal axles to make for a full 16 inches of ground clearance. The vehicle also has disc brakes on all 4 wheels, and 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension. The brake discs are not mounted at the wheels as on conventional vehicles, but are inboard, attached to the outside of each differential. The front and rear differentials are Torsen type, and the center differential is a regular, lockable type. The Humvee-based suspension and tire management system allowing the driver to lower and stiffen the suspension and inflate the tires for high speed travel or raise and loosen and deflate the tires for all-terrain use. The Juggernaut LX is capable of fording 76 cm of water normally.

The Juggernaut LX typically costs 135,000 Trust standard and with the all of the optional systems costs 151,250 Trust.

Vehicle Stats
Name: Juggernaut Light Explorer
Mass: 5250lbs
Length: 4.1m
Width: 2.4m
Height: 2m
Max Velocity: 30 (100 km/h)
Max Accel. Rate: 6
Max Decel. Rate: 4
Handling Rating: 4
Optimal Crew: 2
Minimal Crew: 1
Cargo: 3m cubed
Passengers: Crew + 4

Structural Integrity
Front: Armor Max; 80, Chassis Max; 25
Back: Armor Max; 55, Chassis Max; 25
Sides: Armor Max; 55, Chassis Max; 25
Top: Armor Max; 50, Chassis Max; 25
Bottom: Armor Max; 50, Chassis Max; 25


High Velocity Kinetic: Damage Threshold 5; Damage Resistance: 7
Melee: Damage Threshold 6; Damage Resistance: 9
Energy: Damage Threshold 4; Damage Resistance: 5
Chemical: Damage Threshold 5; Damage Resistance: 5
Void: Damage Threshold 0; Damage Resistance: 0

Weapon Systems

The Juggernaut LX possesses several weapons systems on board. Two forward facing retractable small caliber machine guns, the Misca Growler. Reloading these weapons is semi-difficult because someone needs to enter the forward compartment of the vehicle, retract the SMGs and manually reload them and extend them to begin firing again.

Ammo: 9 mm SMG 25 round Mags, Weight: 7.3 lbs, Damage: 2d6+1, Max Rate of Fire: 6/Seg Full Auto, Exertion: 5, Range Rating: 3, Max Eff Range: 225 m, Min Eff Range: 0.5 m, Reload Time: 6 Combat Cycle.

The Juggernaut LX also possesses a rotating hydraulic lift controlled armored turret gun that manually be fired or through the vehicle’s weapon systems. Assault Support Weapon Skill/Heavy Assault Weapon Skill or Operate Vehicle Skill/Weapon System Skill respectively.

Ammo: 12 mm Rifle Disintegrating Belt, Weight: 15.7 lb, Damage: 2d10+1, Max Rate of Fire: 5/Seg Full Auto, Exertion: 7, Range Rating: 5, Max Eff Range: 1000 m, Min Eff Range: 4.0 m, Reload Time: 1 Combat Cycle.

Sensory and Comms Systems

Equipped with hands-free, voice activated P-Comm for use within City-States and Satcomm satellite communication system for use in the Wilds.

Navigation Systems

Displays the current location of the vehicle, provides real-time traffic updates and audio directions. Digital Satellite feeds provide near-real time imagery and location information

Special Equipment Systems

Infrared windshield overlay, front and back 100m winches capable of a maximum load capacity 6,000 lb, a primary top mounted camera system with 360 degrees rotation to capture all real time imagery of the terrain and a secondary laser dot sight used for automated targeting.

Optional Systems

Deep Water Fording Kit: that allows for fording up to 1.5m. Costs 1000 Trust.
Threat Analysis System: that detects the source of weapon fire and explosives with 30m. Costs 2500 Trust.
Water Purification System: an installed system in which water is passed through and purified, making any water safe for consummation. Costs 750 Trust.
Direct Satellite Link: Allows access to the Net via one’s P-Comm anywhere in the world. Cost 300 Trust.
Net-Wire: Provides any wired in device to connect to the Net. All Net-wires encrypt their Net communication ensuring maximum privacy. Costs 1350 Trust.

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Juggernaut LX

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