GEN Security Forces

The Guardian Enterprises Security Forces started off small, just protecting the Guardian tower until it was determined that the lawlessness of the city was becoming a problem and Dictator Dakota decided that something had to be done.

Now there are five levels of GEN Security Forces and each level has been given the task of protecting and maintaining order in their various levels. Security patrols are usually a group of officers of seven, sometimes six with a higher level officer with them.

The Security Forces during the beginning of Adawe and Guardian Enterprises were once very lawful individuals that supported truth and justice that was until the Wrath Mercenaries got a hold of the GEN Security Officer Level 0

GEN Security Officer Level 0 are located within the Underdark level of Adawe, where the growing Necrosi population resides. Level 0 officers are nothing more than gang members, armed with whatever they found laying around and the barest minimum of armor.

GEN Security Officer Level 1 are located within the Slums level of Adawe, which is home to the poor and squatter residents of the city.

GEN Security Officer Level 2 are located in the Midway. This is where most of the population of the city resides and home to many of the businesses that support the city and its populace.

GEN Security Officer Level 3 are located on the Plate and at all eight entrance gates into Adawe, they are also the only security force that is located on all tiers because they maintain control of the entrance gates and all access to the various tiers. They are heavily armed and well equipped to handle any situation, they have a shoot first and ask question later policy.

GEN Security Officer Level 4 are the officers in charge of protecting the Guardian Tower, its employees and most of all, Dictator Dakota. If a Guardian Enterprises employee is involved in an altercation, Level 4 officers are called to handle the situation.

GEN Security Forces

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