Achievements Points

The Achievement Points are points that can be earned by contributing to the game and the campaign.

When you accumulated 10 Achievement Points, they can redeem for a d100 roll listed. The points do not expire, but can be spent and renewed at the end of a session.

The benefits can be used instantly, or saved for when the redeemer sees fit. Unless otherwise clarified the use of the same (within or outside an encounter) equals a free action.

• Write a background for a NPC at Obsidian Portal. – 10 points
• Create a place within the Alpha Omega world. – 10 points
• Write a background for your character. – 10 points
• Read the Alpha Omega Core Book (chapters 3, 4, 5 and 10 specifically) – 15 points

• Arrive on time for a session of gaming, and prepared to return, paper, pencils, books, dice, etc. (± 15 minutes). – 1 point / session
• Take notes (detailed) about the story. – 2 points / session
• Bring snacks (drinks / food). – 2 points / session
• Invest $ 10 in products RPGs (books, miniatures, special dice, etc). – 1 point / $ 10

Additionally, each player may assign up to 2 points per session to another player. These can be given away for good roleplaying, problem solving (in and out of the game), use of tactics and strategies, creativity, and contribution of humor and fun.


Achievements Points

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