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The Plate
The Midway
The Slums
The Underground

Places of Interest

Guardian Enterprises Tower
Memorial Fountain – A fountain dedicated to the Dictator Dakota and the six other Castes
Blackwater Harbor – located between Gate 2 and 3 and cuts into the city down to the Underground Tier
Gate 1 – Main entrance into Adawe
Gate 2
Gate 3
Gate 4
Gate 5
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8


VersaTile – A company that specializes in the design and manufacture of augmentations. The growing company is beginning to distinguishes itself from its competitors by working with clientele to create a progressive, forward-thinking, custom augmentation that answer specific challenges and needs. – Owned by Pride Mercenaries
Faris – A company that deals in the creation of computer hardware and software manufacturing for corporate defense systems. They are currently working on creating Loaded AI for maintenance of their software in the defense systems. – Owned by Pride Mercenaries
Merchants’ Guild
Aperture Science Lab 4
Death’s Gate – A small arena styled similarly to Rome’s Coliseum, located in the Slums. Home to The Legendary Bloodshed Spectacle
Lonely Hearts Brothel – The main brothel that the Lust mercenaries use to operate out of, also the one major source of income for the Lust mercenaries.
Pink Lily – A lingerie store that specializes in customized outfits for private usage.
Brew’d Awakening
Lord of the Fries
Tequila Mockingbird
Lock, Stock & Barrels
13th Step -


Dictator Dakota
Guardian Enterprise Employees
The Rich
GEN Security Forces
The Mercenary Groups
The Merchants’ Guild
The Poor

Party 1 Milk Run: Aftermath

Mench Franicure
Repzik the Bloody
Titzit, Repzik’s imp
T.J. Khnut
Hooker, T.J.’s canine companion

Party 2 Milk Run: Search and Rescue

Lisa Spirit
Hex Stine
Repzik the Bloody
Ryan Rivers
Titzit, Repzik’s imp
T.J. Khnut
Hooker, T.J.’s canine companion

Party 3 Before the Milk Run

Repzik the Bloody
Titzit, Repzik’s imp
T.J. Khnut
Hooker, T.J.’s canine companion

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